Our History

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Meade Dominick’s grandfather harvested his first trophy bull elk in Sunlight Basin in 1949. Meade grew up around the industry of outfitting; his grandfather Dewitt and father Marshall were both previously outfitters. They set the standard for an outfitting business that specializes in quality custom hunts. Meade carries on the family tradition with his passion about hunting and the backcountry. Meade was fortunate enough to grow up in Sunlight Basin and the Cody area allowing him to be brought up hunting the area he now outfits. 7D Ranch Outfitting specializes in guided hunts for Wyoming Big Horn Sheep, Mountain Goat, Elk, and Mule Deer hunts. Meade and his wife Andrea’s number one priority is to provide the highest quality service to their clients. They want all of their clients to be proud of the animal that they harvest. He and his crew have a passion for hunting and are all quality individuals.

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This means you or your group get exclusive and individualized service. Our customized style allows us to give you a personal and private experience focusing solely on your hunt. The hunter to guide ratio is generally one to one and many times it will be two guides to one hunter.

This system leads to a great kill success rate and ensures that you will not have to share your hunt with any strangers. Many past hunters have brought along friends or family to share the experience of the hunt or to act as a hunt photographer. If you are looking for a personalized hunt with first class guiding and service you should choose Meade and Andrea Dominick and 7D Ranch Outfitting.