10 day Bighorn sheep hunt  $10,500

8 day Mountain Goat hunt   $8,500

5 day Trophy bull elk hunt   $8,000

7 day late season mule deer hunt   $4,000


We treat these tags as if they are our own.
We do not overbook and always leave time for a hunter to come back later. This is free of charge if there was no success the first go around (this does not include missed shots, a wounded animal or a hunter who gives up on the first hunt).

Don Cuthbertson area 3 2016


  • All prices include pickup and drop-off at the airport.

  • All prices include equipment.

  • Sheep, Goat, and Deer Hunts

    Lodging and all meals are provided.

  • Elk Hunters

    Are responsible for their own lodging and evening meals.

  • Non-Hunters

    Non-hunters may accompany hunters but this is done on a case by case basis with the outfitter.

  • Additional hunt day prices

    For trophy animals will be based on each individual hunt.

  • Gratuities

    Are not included in price, but the guides’ work very hard for their hunters and depend on tips as part of their salary (10-15% of the hunt price is an average tip).